Giving Back: Sole to Soul’s Backpacks 4 Babies.

For Bernard Quinn and the Sole to Soul Charitable Foundation, fulfillment is truly measured by the amount you do for someone in need and leaving a positive impact on those less fortunate. Founded in 2014, the Sole to Soul is a non-for-profit organization committed to providing daily essential resources for the needy, homeless and less fortunate in the St. Louis metropolitan area and beyond, on the basis of Faith, Love, Loyalty and Stewardship…

Deeply rooted in his faith in God, Quinn feels it is essential for us to help others, as God has helped us and that Sole to Soul is the will of God manifested in his life. “What inspires me to give back is being able to give someone something that they can never repay you for, and not expecting anything in return…I know what it’s like to not have to have to go without, we don’t deserve anything, yet God saw fit to bless me with what I need. So I do it for him (God) and because he made me this way, a true servant.” Quinn says.

The organization operates 5 programs annually to fulfill their mission of impacting and changing lives, through servicing the needs of the less fortunate in our communities. These programs range from a single mothers ministry to sit down dinners with the less fortunate to today’s event, Backpacks 4 Babies, a back-to-school supply drive geared to school aged children in need.

Held in the small gymnasium at Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School, Sole to Soul gave away close to 100 backpacks filled with folders, papers and other items. Also teaming up with Elaine Steven Beauty College, stylists and barbers were on hand to volunteer by giving out haircuts and hairstyles to the kids participating. The day also included gift raffles for the kids and accompanying parents/guardians.

I feel there needs to be more awareness of programs like Sole to Soul. Through actions they are really trying to make a change in our communities and impacting lives in the process. Here are some of the sights of the day…

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